Passport to Broadway Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program tuition competitive?

Passport to Broadway tuition is competitive and in line with other musical theater workshops that often charge more for less professional and high quality artists, faculty, customization and wide range of Broadway Show materials and personalized story.

Passport to Broadway keeps your costs down by touring around the world to your area. If you were to come to New York for the same program, the costs would be double or triple.

Passport to Broadway will work with selected individuals on a case by case basis to offer a payment schedule if due to financial hardship. All conversations and discussions are confidential

This is an investment as part of pre-college and professional preparation to increase the competitive skill sets of serious students wanting to pursue further studies and career opportunities at the best top level institutions, many of whom who often recognize this program as outstanding pre professional training.


I cannot be available for the workshop dates as scheduled, are there other options?

StudentsLive/Passport to Broadway travels extensively around the globe with various international partners both on set schedules as well as on demand and request of select and interested schools and students. Please advise what dates and times would work better for you when speaking to a Passport to Broadway representative and we will put you on a wait list for alternate dates you have selected. If we get other individuals interested in these same dates, we will contact you to let you know if we are able to come back to Shanghai at that time and what those new deadlines to apply will be.

Please also share your school contact information and whether or not your school/principal drama/music teachers would potentially be interested in partnering on this program at a future date. We will follow up to send them more details as to what is involved, pending the requirements to partner with SL are met, and try and schedule another program if they are interested in working with the Passport team.

How do you customize for a wide a range of student skill levels and ages?

StudentsLive designs every program to be a reflection of the same challenging process and pace a Broadway professional experiences when cast in a show. This rigorous rehearsal process is the same for all levels and backgrounds, and each student’s personal skill set and level will increase their own unique performance abilities, based on the demands of that high level process. Just like a Broadway show, the cast is a wide range of  unique and specific talents, ages, and backgrounds, and all must raise each other up to come together to be at the highest level of  achievement the Director expects from each individual. As well as to present the highest quality showcase as the final result. Each individual’s own unique growth track, helps everyone involved learn from and grow even further in a very short period of time.


The program looks very challenging and even though I love performing, I do not think I am talented enough to be involved.

StudentsLive accepts each applicant into the program based not only on their background and experience in theater and the arts, but more importantly, on their desire and dedication to grow, be open to feedback, committed to hard work, and their own personal hope to achieve a great life changing experience through this challenging and joyful process. “Talent” is a very subjective term, and the goal of this program is for the StudentsLive’s Professional Teachers to see each individual student’s strengths and limitations equally, and help them enhance and improve upon whatever level they are at when they are accepted into the program.  StudentsLive does not judge student’s based on where their talent may lie when first accepted into the program, but in their willingness to work hard and challenge themselves to go beyond what they are accustomed to in order to achieve and discover a myriad of self-awareness, confidence, self-initiative, and overall wider and deeper range and skill sets as a triple treat performer, artist or person in whatever field of study or career they choose to pursue.



The Passport to Broadway Program is akin to a “real” rehearsal process, from day one, with auditions, casting and rehearsals that center on a customized and  pre-designed show and materials that are modified and created specifically for each population attending, worked on months before by our Creative Team.  Other programs are more a series of “ad hoc” classes, without a specific common focus until the very end.


Other organizations are a more generic template that tailors to mostly American theater interested students, who ultimately need to fit into their English speaking model that they use across the board for everyone, whether international or domestic. They do not customize or build their scripts or material from the ground up, with the purpose of developing unique exclusive material for the unique client, rather, the individual needs to fit into their generic model, which is the opposite of the way Passport to Broadway works. Passport works diligently with our partner organizations to research what their culture reflects and what best represents the student body/ make up and background, and then uses our existing models to adapt, rearrange and/or write entirely new material for each organization we work with, developing a unique story and curriculum for that specific country or culture. Other organizations/camps use existing show material similar to the way a regular public or private school drama department would procure a show that anyone can use, to produce a musical many schools use for their final showcase.


They do not use similar advance time for new creation or educational development with the stringent requirements Passport requires for our Broadway Teaching Artists, to assure each group has the best teams of not only creative staff, but educationally like-minded artists that suit that unique group’s educational needs.  We also combine the widest and multiple ranges of Broadway songs/shows and numbers in our workshops to give the broadest scope of diversity and styles of art Broadway represents, not using one show, composer or choreographer to teach in each individual workshop, like most other organizations. The effect is a broader base of knowledge and expansion of skill sets for our students.


Other organizations also book individuals as well and build these individuals into one group together, into their camps. Passport generally works just with the organization/ school and their like-minded educational leaders in their organization, to customize and prepare together, not with individual parents (who are not necessarily educators) and students. This makes for a more flexible and mutually synergistic mission, as well as a more beneficial educational outcome for both educational organizations, and best serves the process of mutual collaboration and goals, in order to offer the best programming for their unique students.


Knowing the methods and philosophies of other organizations, StudentsLive is exceptional in that they take the time to offer true value of education and the arts. Other Broadway type platforms often are more commercial and less serious about collaboration. They tend to make the experience a more “camp” like atmosphere, with fewer demands on the students than StudentsLive. They often use their teaching artists in their final performance alongside the students, to make the show look better, not necessarily challenging the student to give them the responsibility and therefore equally, the rewards, on their own.  Passport to Broadway believes we must allow the students to grow as fast and far as they can to be effectively changed and seriously grow in this short window of time. From beginners to advanced.  Our focused Broadway workshop curriculum requires top down philosophy, direction, creation, execution and artistic oversight. Finally as you know, our CEO is an accomplished educator and Artistic Director of our organization and everything is approved and designed with our mission in mind from the top   Other Broadway organizations often use marketing managers, mid-level management and administrative staff that oversee and run their educational platforms.


Please see some other general differences between our organization and other organizations that promote Broadway training below.



Passport to Broadway can work with your school and/or organization in variable degrees of the following options:


-as a preliminary summer intensive Two-Week Program to help you better select International and Domestic applicants/students for your school/organization.

– as an ongoing development supplement in your existing curriculum and modalities.

– as a showcase for graduating students.  Broadway Professionals would be invited and have a job fair-type meet and greet afterwards.


-Passport to Broadway is a hard program and is intended to push and bring out the best in serious students/participants as well as give them access to the best professionals in Theatre Arts Programming and Development created by my company.  It is a synergistic fit with schools and organizations that have a serious and selective process and could be potentially branded as a unique model for your students.


-Other programs have students present their own individual monologues and songs to faculty and families only at their final showcase. The students in our program work as a “cast” from day one, to perform top-level, complex original arrangements of Broadway Materials tied together by an original book, and then performed for some of the top-Broadway Professionals we have created relationships with for the past 20 years, and who are invited to attend to share feedback and offer access to meet and greet with the students.


-Other programs performances help students develop materials that they either suggest or that the students may already bring on their own to the table, and then gives them individual classes to hopefully increase their skill levels, not necessarily to experience a “show process” or work as a unit or cast with a common focus together from day one. Our Director, Musical Director, Choreographer and Teaching Artists  work together in the room with the students at all times, in an effort to emphasize the very necessary Musical Theater Performance process of combined learning in all disciplines, not as easily or comprehensively accomplished by individual classes in singing, dancing and acting.


-The impact of such great work is that it helps the students combine skill sets from day one, and ultimately look professional and the “best they can” in the final showcase for top-professionals. The feedback from the audience, time and again, is that they are impressed by the difficult range, scope, material and the “show” polish that those non-professional students have achieved in such a short time; ultimately very helpful for them to be recognized in this very competitive industry.


-This very seasoned audience respects and rarely forgets the students’ work, and the major challenges the students have accomplished in such a short time (not just learning how to work alone to increase their own skill sets) just as they would have to do if they were cast in a Broadway Show. Passport to Broadway truly represents the process and results of a “professional” and less of a “student” in a monologue or scene showcase, which is the typical and normal procedure for short programs like these.


-The opportunity to come to New York City or go on Tour and experience such an intensive immersion in such a quality program is a rare opportunity for aspiring serious musical theater students.  If positioned well with your team, it will likely be met with much positive response, as we have experienced in our efforts to do the same. The Passport to Broadway Team is also aware that costs and the economy are barriers that we all have to overcome when making choices about our future and planning/budgeting for these types of once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. However, there are few programs that provide such excellent and customized access/standards that also have the experience, respect of our industry and proven track record.


-Our mission, to provide international/domestic students with access to these opportunities while creating an intensive life-changing process, to prepare them for future careers and opportunities, is a once in a lifetime investment.


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