Passport to Broadway Fast Facts and Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program tuition competitive?

Passport to Broadway tuition is competitive and in line with other musical theater workshops that often charge more for less professional and high quality artists, faculty, customization and wide range of Broadway Show materials and personalized story.

Passport to Broadway keeps your costs down by touring around the world to your area. If you were to come to New York for the same program, the costs would be double or triple.

Passport to Broadway will work with selected individuals on a case by case basis to offer a payment schedule if due to financial hardship. All conversations and discussions are confidential

This is an investment as part of pre-college and professional preparation to increase the competitive skill sets of serious students wanting to pursue further studies and career opportunities at the best top level institutions, many of whom who often recognize this program as outstanding pre professional training.


I cannot be available for the workshop dates as scheduled, are there other options?

StudentsLive/Passport to Broadway travels extensively around the globe with various international partners both on set schedules as well as on demand and request of select and interested schools and students. Please advise what dates and times would work better for you when speaking to a Passport to Broadway representative and we will put you on a wait list for alternate dates you have selected. If we get other individuals interested in these same dates, we will contact you to let you know if we are able to come back at that time and what those new deadlines to apply will be.

Please also share your school contact information and whether or not your school/principal drama/music teachers would potentially be interested in partnering on this program at a future date. We will follow up to send them more details as to what is involved, pending the requirements to partner with SL are met, and try and schedule another program if they are interested in working with the Passport team.

How do you customize for a wide a range of student skill levels and ages?

StudentsLive designs every program to be a reflection of the same challenging process and pace a Broadway professional experiences when cast in a show. This rigorous rehearsal process is the same for all levels and backgrounds, and each student’s personal skill set and level will increase their own unique performance abilities, based on the demands of that high level process. Just like a Broadway show, the cast is a wide range of  unique and specific talents, ages, and backgrounds, and all must raise each other up to come together to be at the highest level of  achievement the Director expects from each individual. As well as to present the highest quality showcase as the final result. Each individual’s own unique growth track, helps everyone involved learn from and grow even further in a very short period of time.


The program looks very challenging and even though I love performing, I do not think I am talented enough to be involved.

StudentsLive accepts each applicant into the program based not only on their background and experience in theater and the arts, but more importantly, on their desire and dedication to grow, be open to feedback, committed to hard work, and their own personal hope to achieve a great life changing experience through this challenging and joyful process. “Talent” is a very subjective term, and the goal of this program is for the StudentsLive’s Professional Teachers to see each individual student’s strengths and limitations equally, and help them enhance and improve upon whatever level they are at when they are accepted into the program.  StudentsLive does not judge student’s based on where their talent may lie when first accepted into the program, but in their willingness to work hard and challenge themselves to go beyond what they are accustomed to in order to achieve and discover a myriad of self-awareness, confidence, self-initiative, and overall wider and deeper range and skill sets as a triple treat performer, artist or person in whatever field of study or career they choose to pursue.