Passport to Broadway Shanghai Application

Application for Passport to Broadway Shanghai Program Coming Soon

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Application for Passport to Broadway Shanghai  Program

2020/2021 Dates To Be Announced

(For questions contact Renata Sommer at or Jessica Fraser at

Passport to Broadway Requirements

1: A One to Two Page Cover Letter about interest in this program and what one hopes to achieve by participating.

2: Above Average Academic Commitment.

3: Excellent On-Time School Attendance.

4: If requested, two Letters of Recommendation from Current School Teachers Describing Proven Leadership, Team Player Abilities and Work Ethic Evaluations.

5: A commitment to study, memorize  and meet all expectations of the Program including but not limited to full attendance at all rehearsals, completion of all homework on time, preparation in advance of materials sent by StudentsLive™  and above average initiative and focus.

6: English Language Skills commensurate with an ability to learn, study, read and converse in basic English Language.

7: Materials as expected of each student (MP3 Players, Dance or Musical Theater Attire and Appropriate Shoes, etc. )

8: An understanding that StudentsLive™ reserves the right to remove or replace any student where and when deemed necessary if any lack of attendance, commitment and /or disruptive impediments occur to the detriment of fellow students, teachers or professional staff. This includes but is not limited to lack of preparation, homework or any unsafe or inappropriate judgment or poor behavior exhibited in the rehearsal process.

9: Student understands that they are agreeing to a professional and challenging rehearsal/ show process in a short amount of time, comparable to the process a Broadway professional experiences, and as such, are committing to the highest work ethic and study expectations necessary to produce the highest standard presentation StudentsLive’s™ brand is known for in the Broadway industry.

  1. StudentsLive (SL) reserves the right to all final creative and content decisions. Student/parent agrees to facilitate and communicate any advance information and preparatory information SL may require for each participating student to be aware of and to expedite and ensure convenience and best service for participating students. SL retains the right, at will, to hire, replace, substitute or terminate any artists and teachers necessary to represent the highest standards and mission of their Workshops. If any substitutes or replacements are required, for any reason, it will not affect the terms and conditions agreed to herein.


  1. Students will receive the materials and script packages with specific instruction on how to pick them up on a designated date or dates (approximately 30 days in advance). These materials will need to be reviewed at length by the students so that they are very familiar with all materials prior to the workshop start date.


  1. SL retains the right, in consultation with Creative Team, to replace, recast or terminate any student who is not fulfilling the requirements as outlined in the Student/Parent Agreement that each Parent of a Student under 18 or student if over 18 must sign and return with their application in order to best represent the highest standards and mission of StudentsLive’s Passport to Broadway programs. If any substitutes, replacements or termination of a student are required, for any reason, it will not affect the compensation or terms and conditions agreed to herein.


Student Information

Student Name:

Student Age:

Student Grade:

Name and address of School currently attending:

Date of Birth:

Country of Birth:

Parent Name:

Email address:


Phone number/s:

Student T Shirt Size:


1: Please describe what you think this process is going to be like and why you feel you should be considered for acceptance.


2: What do you hope to achieve by the end of the process?


3:  Have you done something as rigorous and challenging as this program before? If so, please describe when and how you grew from that experience and in detail.


4: What is your previous musical theater experience? (List shows you were in, what parts you played and where this was performed.)


5: In terms of Acting Singing and Dancing, which do you think you are strongest at, and why?


6:  What formal studies have you previously had or are currently studying in any or all of these disciplines?


7: If you are selected for this program, you will be notified within one week and will be required to review materials (script, score, vocal tracks) that will be sent to you from the Passport to Broadway Team to become familiar with your unique Broadway Show in advance of the start day of the workshop. You agree to review and become as familiar as possible with instructions that will help you prepare from the Broadway team. (*Auditions will be held on the first day of the workshop to determine which part you will be cast in. Please see the rehearsal schedule below for reference)


8: Are you planning to go to college to major in theater? What colleges are you interested in applying for and why? If not, what are you planning to major in?


9: If you are not planning to go to college, what are your career goals and where do you see yourself in five to ten years?


10: Make sure you and/or your parents review the commitment letter below together and understand the responsibilities required to be considered for this high level program. Please ensure you and/or your parents sign that document and send back along with this application. Please also ensure you and/or your parents have also signed and sent back the medical and photo/video waiver information in this application package.


11:  Do you have medical issues or physical limitations that the Passport to Broadway Team should know about as relates to singing and dancing daily?


12:  Please submit a headshot or current picture and scan or attach with this application.


13: You understand the payment arrangements as laid out below and you agree to the make all payments on the necessary due dates required to ensure you are fully registered on time in order to avoid any delays in the process of being selected. (Questions regarding this may be directed to Renata Sommer or Jessica Fraser as noted above)


14: Do you have any further comments or  information you would like to share about yourself to let the Passport to Broadway Team from New York know more about you and why they should consider you for this program?


  1. The payment options are Alipay or Wire Transfer. Please indicate your preference below and we will invoice you accordingly.



Rehearsal Schedule

Workshop will take place on Dates TBD at a location TBD. Workshop includes 5 – 10 days of rehearsal from 9:00am to 6:00pm with student arrival 15 minutes prior to the workshop start. Each day will include a one hour lunch break and lunch will be provided by Passport to Broadway.



See details under Payment Information.

  •  $TBD USD per student.


Payment Terms

Upon acceptance into the program, each student/parent will receive an invoice from Passport to Broadway with the due date for your 50% non-refundable deposit and 50% non-refundable balance due. Student/Parent must wire transfer a 50% non-refundable deposit within one week of acceptance and banking information will be provided with your confirmation email. Failure to make wire transfer payments on time will result in your acceptance being revoked and removal from the program.


Passport to Broadway Parent/Student Letter of Commitment


Student’s Name: _________________________________________________________________________


Please read before signing, as this constitutes the student’s commitment as a requirement for participation in Passport to Broadway.  This form must be executed by the student in order to participate in this Passport to Broadway experience.   Passport to Broadway is designed to bring about transformation while integrating the highest standards of professional musical theater training and immersion in learning this important art form in a rigorous and demanding schedule. A well done experience may significantly advance students’ emotion, social, character and practical knowledge and theater skill sets while meeting the desired educational goals. Passport to Broadway seeks to specifically challenge and prepare students to be competitive in the careers of their choice and to attain significant growth and change.  In order to maximize the potential of this experience for each participant and in order to appropriately represent Passport to Broadway, its representatives in the Broadway community with in this experience, Passport to Broadway requires all participants to read, agree to and execute the following:


  • I commit to attend and participate in all rehearsals and classes as designated in the above schedule or to be exempted only by permission, in advance.
  • I will review and be familiar with all materials Passport to Broadway provides in advance and during the workshop rehearsal process, and other materials required and to complete all homework requested by their due dates.
  • I will honor and respect the etiquette and professional protocol of the highest standards set forth by Passport to Broadway for professional behavior in the rehearsals room including but not limited to contributing to a non-judgmental and safe rehearsal atmosphere in order to explore the widest range and opportunity for individual growth and expression for both  myself and my fellow cast mates. All exploration and work done in the workshop and rehearsal process by myself or my fellow cast mates shall remain strictly confidential and should not be discussed with anyone outside of the process without the permission of that respective cast member. I will honor and respect the rules of the classroom and process while I am involved including understanding the essence of what is behind the demands for excellence.
  • I will engage as an integral part of the cast and will commit to apply the direction given to me by Passport to Broadway with an open mind.
  • I will fulfill responsibilities associated with my assigned role in the overall project or in various ongoing responsibilities as a member of this cast.
  • I will be on time for all events, during rehearsal and show required times.
  • I will work to promote a positive cast experience. When differences arise, I will be patient, forgiving, and gracious with my fellow cast, directors and teachers.
  • I will be flexible when plans change. I will be up as early as necessary and will be properly warmed up and mentally prepared and ready to work on time and throughout the process
  • I will take exceptional care of my health and well-being during the rehearsal process including but not limited to, getting sufficient sleep, eating healthy and taking care of my body and mind in order to manage the long hours and physical, emotional and mental demands of this rigorous process.
  • I will do my best to absorb new experiences and learn from them.
  • If while participating in the training for or the participation of this experience, I violate any of the above or the essence of what is behind these principles and professional application of this process as noted above I or when behavior endangers the safety or well-being of my peers or leaders, I understand that Passport to Broadway has the prerogative to replace me and may result in my dismissal from the cast.



Parent/Student Name



Parent/Student Signature



Date Signed



Passport to Broadway (P2B) is dedicated to providing an informative and entertaining experience for all students involved. StudentsLive maintains constant adult supervision for all activities.


Student’s Name ______________________________________________________________


By enrollment in this program, I ______________________________, (student or parent/legal guardian if child under 18 years old) grant StudentsLive permission to:


  • take myself/my child on an off-site trip that may include, but is not limited to, a lunch celebration on the last day accompanied by P2B) teachers and staff.
  • take photographs, and/or make video or audio recordings of myself/my child, and use them solely in connection with the promotion or publicity for P2B, subject to approval.

I agree that neither P2B, nor any of its employees, independent contractors, vendors, directors and/or officers will be held liable for any injury which may occur to me/ my child while attending StudentsLive Passport to Broadway Program. This includes, but is not limited to, any activities in which I/he/she may participate including classes and presentations in singing, acting, dancing, physical acting, stage design, theatrical work, warm-up exercises or any activities relating to the services StudentsLive provides.


Copyright: Student agrees that SL is the sole and exclusive creator, owner and legal copyright holder of all ideas, structures, business models and content of StudentsLive materials and intellectual property and ideas contained herein. No permission is given to student or their colleagues, employees, clients or affiliates to reproduce, prepare similar works, copy or distribute any of the work created or contained herein, or financially benefit from doing so, either for the duration of this agreement or at any time after this agreement ends, in perpetuity. Any infringement on this agreement will be in violation of international copyright laws and all related rights, will result in irreparable harm to P2B, and SL may seek to specifically enforce the same through injunctive relief.


Indemnification:. Student agrees to be solely and wholly responsible for their own property, materials, safety and well-being while in a StudentsLive workshop and indemnifies StudentsLive for any responsibly, liability or claims to or against said companies for student’s property, safety or well-being during studies, travel, meetings and/or in studios. This includes, but is not limited to, any activities in which Student may participate in or any activities relating to the services StudentsLive provides. Student is responsible for the safety and protection of their own materials and indemnifies SL from any liability or responsibility for the security of such materials. Student also agrees to be responsible for any damage they may cause to any SL or related vendors property and materials and agrees to follow SL’s policies to use the office/studio spaces, equipment and theater/equipment SL and its vendors provide safely and with supervised and vetted approval for the care and protection of such property. Upon signature below, Student hereby releases StudentsLive and their respective employees, directors and/or officers from any and all legal or financial claims.


Miscellaneous: This Agreement constitutes the entire understanding of the parties hereto, and shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the State of New York, may only be modified by a writing signed by all of the parties hereto, and shall be binding upon and inure to the benefit of the heirs, executors, successors and assigns of the parties hereto. In the event of a dispute arising hereunder, neither party shall have the right to seek or obtain equitable or injunctive relief, it being agreed that monetary damages at law shall be a suitable remedy. This Agreement may  be executed in counterparty, or by facsimile or PDF, which when combined shall be considered whole.


I hereby release Passport to Broadway and its respective employees, independent contractors, vendors’ directors and/or officers from any and all legal or financial claims.


Please notify StudentsLive in a separate attached note or at the bottom of the agreement if you or your child has any medical condition or disability that would prevent you/him/her from participating in rigorous singing, dancing and acting classes. Please be thorough and specific as to the condition. You will be solely responsible for ensuring you or your child have/has any necessary medication and/or support chaperone provisions to accommodate the condition during your/their camp participation and for advising us as to that provision. You agree that SL teachers will be fully advised and responsible for your/their medical care if required, and you will advise StudentsLive, in the attachment to this document, as to whether or not the condition would prevent you/him/her from fully participating and what specific limitations need to be adhered to in detail.


I agree to all the provisions and terms included herein:

Student, Parent or Legal Guardian (Signature)



Students, Parent or Legal Guardian (Print Name)


Date: ______________