Passport to Broadway Testimonials


“Nothing will do more to open doors for our young people and prepare them for unimagined new careers.”
-Former President Bill Clinton on the StudentsLive Broadway Education Programs

“Programs like these enable a new generation of audiences
to make the arts a permanent part of their lives.”
-Former Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton on the StudentsLive Broadway Education Programs

“I’ve been attending musical theater since the 1970s and I don’t recall anything that compares to the visceral and emotional experience like I had the pleasure of witnessing today. The amount of work in “Journey to America” was not only evident but awe-inspiring. Kudos and BRAVO to all of you. You are not only entertaining people but changing lives.”
Paul Greenfield, former writer for The Wall Street Journal

I just friggin’ bawled-that documentary says it all !!!! Forget presentations and lengthy explanations, endorsements and kids who can afford to dance-anyone who watches this and doesn’t pick up the phone and immediately get involved is a prat!   Love this so much. Thank you for sharing”

Karen Maybury, Tour and Travel Consultant

This was the most well-prepared and well-executed education program I have
ever attended…here’s a program that makes students live and breathe in a way they never did before.”
-Peter Filichia, Theatre Critic, Newark Star Ledger and

“The students performed the piece seamlessly.  This program should become an integral part of all students United Nations Conference.”
-Yvonne Acosta, Chief Education Outreach, The United Nations

“Without exaggeration, FROM AVENIDA VIEIRA SOUTO TO BROADWAY demonstrated the very essence of theatre both in performance and all that which contributed to its creation.  From the moment the students entered the room as auditioning artists for A CHORUS LINE to the closing strains of “Good Morning Starshine“, the expression on each and every face reflected the importance of the moment, much as if standing on an actual Broadway stage rather than within a tiny rehearsal space.  As such, a communication was established and sustained, actor to audience, heart to heart, the audience responding in kind.  The performances were beyond compare, in dialogue, lyric and choreography, the degree of difficulty one which an established professional would find daunting.  What was achieved by FROM AVENIDA VIEIRA SOUTO TO BROADWAY illustrates what’s possible in international outreach, the result actual, not merely a dream.”
Jack Sharkey- Broadway and Theater Agent

“Thank you.  I think the work was incredible. You are true professionals, and the kids were amazing.”
Amy Werba, Founder, Bilingual Acting Workshop

“StudentsLive provides its students the best the Broadway industry has to offer. From actors at the top of their game, to set designers, casting directors, etc, the program exposes its students to industry professionals giving them the opportunity to learn from the absolute best!”
-Benton Whitley Casting Director, Duncan Stewart & Co.

“This evening I had the opportunity to see an inspired production by StudentsLive! With a wonderful group of Korean children who sang and danced like pros and they did not sing, dance or speak English, nor know each other three weeks ago. It made me smile and cry…so touching.  Amy Weinstein is the Producer of this remarkable exchange that epitomizes what arts education should look like. Whenever I next post that one of these shows is about to happen, please go see it. You will be glad you did.”
 -Lynn Manuell, NYC Board Of Education

“Last night, I found myself drowned in a sea of madness- tears of joy-  I could feel the essence of life’s energy in its rawest form… it was a release of the creative spirit… What the Greeks called “exultation of the spirit” -Theatre Pure and Simple.   I tried to console one or two but there was obviously  no need, they were not really sad, nor could you tell if they were happy due to a cultural / language barrier  –  I am not sure what these children were thinking but there feelings were as real, perhaps more real than any collection of moments that I ever felt in a crowd of strangers-  suddenly I became the strangers and within moments that sense of alienated self-vanished as well and I found myself TRULY surrendering to the creative moment.  It was one of the most liberating experiences of my life on or off stage.  There was identity and anonymity, there was fear and security, there was pain and there was peace— there was a heightened reality that touched my heart and made me feel like I was part of something very real, sincere and something that arrived at the very essence and purpose of art.  You are doing very important work. I am honored to know an angel like you, you brought so much love into one space last night, it was staggering.” 
-Coni Koepfinger, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

“I know what it takes to pull off such a piece and to add in the language barrier—impressive.  Those kids clearly had a special experience.”
-Peter Avery, Director, NYC Department of Education Theater

“Well…speechless might be an appropriate word for me to describe my feelings after witnessing the recent StudentsLive Production in NYC. As a second language specialist, I struggle daily with the area of English as a second language and how we, as an Institute can best instruct foreign students. Sacred Heart University engages in constant research and professional development with all English instructors to ensure the most contemporary and effective pedagogical methods of instruction are used. Not only did I witness an incredibly energetic, emotional, engaging, fun performance from students, I was constantly astounded by their capacity to acquire a language to such a skill level in such a short space of time. This program is truly remarkable in that it accomplishes a level of understanding of the English language, but that it also demonstrates the wonderfully rich and vibrant American culture that Broadway alone has a magical way of portraying. ”
-Madeleine Monaghan, Director, English Language Institute at Sacred Heart University

“The students were absolutely adorable and did such a fantastic job. I had the widest smile on my face throughout the entire show and am amazed at what you were able to accomplish in so little time. They were all truly stars!”
-Gena Chavez, Director, Broadway Asia

“While I expected to enjoy it, I never thought that I would be so involved with the passion these kids had for what they were doing. I could see clearly into so many pairs of eyes that they loved what they were doing and singing about. Whether it’s a little girl aptly named Rose, belting out the end of “Roses Turn”, or having a young girl sing “I Dreamed a Dream” when her life has barely begun, this was an experience I will remember and share with others for a long time.”
-Scott Mallileu, CEO, Great White Way

I had experienced a Master Class with StudentsLive with a group of Pathfinders and Rangers that we had brought to NYC in June 2012.  It was quite amazing to me at the time that in the small bit of time they had, they showed the girls the dance, taught them the music and had an awesome finished project.  I was hooked, I wanted to bring more girls and do it for longer so they could have a greater experience.  Working with Amy and the other StudentsLive people is great.  They are accommodating, helpful and flexible.  We were able to put together a program that suited our limited time and gave the girls the maximum experience.  Our group was a mixture of girls, some with singing and/or dance experience and some with none just an interest.  Stephen and Matthew were able to put together a great production with roles for everyone and gave the girls the experience of a lifetime.  For me as a spectactor seeing them from the beginning and then at the end I was amazed at the amount of material the girls covered and were able to retain.  This was definitely an incredible experience for both the girls who were participating and the leaders who got to watch them step outside their comfort zones and take chances.  They grew in those two days with StudentsLive and they gained self-confidence and a sense of accomplishment.  Some of them may never dance or sing again like that again but they will always have this, their performance on December 8, 2013 on Broadway.  I can’t thank everyone at StudentsLive enough for this experience and I will look forward to planning the next one.”

Beverly Simpson Headon, Girl Guides of Canada – Edmonton Area Commissioner

 “I am an educator of ESL through Theatre at a Japanese college in Boston.  Recently, I read a script and Study Guide of “Journey to America.”  I found the script and Study Guide exhilarating.”
-David Rothauser, Instructor, Showa-Boston Institute for Language and Culture

StudentsLive has facilitated a unique, living program that embodies commitment and passion to sharing of theater to students, of the international community, that’s both priceless and bold. They’re a shining tower for all to look upon and admire.”
-Gelan Lambert, Broadway Actor, Fela!

“Friday night was such a pleasure to be a part of. Both myself and my partner were so moved and thankful to have been witness to the students performing. I’m so happy to hear such celebrated professionals singing the praises of StudentsLive and the performance. I have always been and will always be a fan.  It was an amazing experience.”
-LaQuet Sharnell, Actress, Lysistrata Jones and Memphis

“Friday’s performance was very inspiring.   I’ve been working as a professional actor since I was 15 and over those 11 years, I have had to do frightening things.  I moved away from home to graduate High School and then again for college and once more to move to NYC. Soon after, I packed my bags again to travel the globe with CHICAGO.  Seeing these students perform in the music theatre capital from shows that many in the audience have or are doing was inspirational.  I can’t imagine the risk it is to be in a city/country for the first time and doing so with only 2 weeks of rehearsals.  It put me back in touch with the kid that moved to NYC with only a dream, a degree and $500 dollars in his pocket.

-Cornelius Bethea, Broadway Actor, CHICAGO

“I really felt the experience the Brazilian students had by watching their performance- it was the pure magic of Broadway at work.  The students, coming from different walks of life, came together and immersed the beauty of theater, resulting in an artistic connection to the audience regardless of background.  When you connect to the arts, it is amazing.  StudentsLive is fantastic for inspiring beauty and life through the arts.  Congratulations.”
-Sergey Gordeev, Public Relations, Grande Prix Ballet

“Personally, I get inspired when art transcends language barriers among other obstacles! My wife and I were both moved and are still reminded of the several moments we were overrun with goose bumps while in the studio. We definitely want to be at the next event and cannot wait!
-CK Edwards, Broadway Actor, Billy Elliot, After Midnight

“After working with the students on a Broadway MasterClass the same week, seeing the amount of growth the students learned from this program only shows us that arts and theater really bring students to a better understanding of different cultures and art forms.  Bravo!” 
-Rachelle Rak, Broadway Actress, Catch Me If You Can

“I am so grateful and honored to have been a part of this program with these exceptional students.  Watching them perform brought me a sense of realism that anyone that works hard and fights through difficult programs and work can do what they want to do.  Grateful, humbled and honored.”
– Erica Mansfield, Broadway Actress, How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying

“It was absolutely wonderful, moving, and an incredible opportunity for the students. Clearly, you provided them with the experience of a lifetime and they did not want the program to end. 
 – Joshua Ritter, Education & Library Director, Goodspeed Musicals

“It was such a pleasure seeing the students perform, and to have worked with them.  It is never too late to start performing.  I began at 17- the same age as some of the students that took part in this program, and to see their growth is an honor.  It is great they can take what they have learned over the course of the 2 weeks and use it to better themselves and their talents.”
– Douglas Lyons, Broadway Actor, The Book of Mormon

“To see the passion and caring on stage was nothing less than inspirational.  Congrats on a great performance.  Remember to carry this passion forward into everything you do.”
-Chad and Sae La Seib, Actors, Mary Poppins and Wonderland

“It was inspiring to see the passion displayed in the Brazilian performance from both students and teachers. I saw each student connecting to the musical selections they were given and really making an effort to connect with the audience. I also saw the connection the instructors felt towards the students after the performance. They spoke with sincere encouragement and affirmed the hard work that each student had given. You’ve really created a unique experience where active Broadway performers have a chance to make an immediate difference in the lives of aspiring artists, and students have a chance to realize they’re truly an integral part of this industry. You nurture a genuine love for the performing arts with every opportunity you give to your students.”
Nykolla Sweeney, Contract Administrator, Columbia Artists Theatricals

I honestly was blown away by the amount of material the kids mastered in such a short time and the talent, dedication, and polish that I saw onstage.  Absolute commitment poured from every single student which is a testimony to everyone’s work both onstage and off.  I hope that every student remembers this moment- the moment that they created magic together.
-Eric Jackson, Actor, Young Frankenstein and Dreamgirls

“What an AMAZING performance!  I was moved to tears!  It was so powerful and courageous.  What you and your team accomplished with 8 rehearsals only just blew our minds away!  We clapped, laughed and cried all at once.” 
 – Maggie Vasquez, Director of Programs, Girl Scout Council of Greater New York

“Wow! I cried though the first 5 numbers and three more times throughout the course of the show. What you put together is incredible. It reminded me of the magic of Broadway and how lucky we all are to be a part of this. More importantly what it can do for these children, how it can bring them out of their shells. You did a wonderful job. I was honored to be a guest.”
 – Stephanie Klemons, Broadway Cast Member, In The Heights, If/Then

“The show is absolutely a success. The kids have presented the best they learned from the Broadway professionals in a very short period. To watch these kids performing on the stage is very inspiring to us. We hope we can bring this exciting program to the Chinese kids, and sincerely wish one day our Chinese kids will give such a great performance in the near future.”
-Cathy Qin, Travel Receptive, SuperVacations

“The show was amazing. The audience was obviously the Who’s Who of Broadway. Ben Vereen give me a break.  Thank you for inviting us to the show. All were impressed.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house.”
Fred Ketcher, Wall Street Investor with Interest in China

 “In my experience building extra-curricular activities/programs in Singapore with the Ministry of Education, “Fear” is a common topic for these students to overcome. What I’ve seen from this program not only allowed these South Korean students to overcome their fears, but more importantly build their courage from within. On top of personal development achieved by these students, their command of English has surpassed my expectations in such a short period of time. I am baffled by what this program can achieve in such a short period of time.”
-Shawn Goh, Managing Director, Global Students Network

“This experience was a great opportunity for personal and professional growth for everyone involved. One of the best rewards in our field is to witness children and youth rediscovering themselves and daring to be a better version of themselves in the future. I am a true believer that the arts -especially theatre- make people better, make hearts better, make lives better, make our world better… and I have no doubt that Passport to Broadway Guatemala was a milestone for all of our actors, musicians, technicians, teachers, audience and staff. It’s always an honor for me to work with Fundación Paiz, and this program was no exception. Thank you for allowing me to be part of this amazingly challenging show, for trusting my skills, and for helping me to become a better version of myself too. It was a great experience for me not only as a stage manager, but also as a human being. I do hope we will be able to repeat this experience for more children in the future. So thank you for your time, for sharing your knowledge, for being passionate, and for not giving up on our kids!”

Andrea Castillo, Associate at Fundacion Paiz – Guatemala Passport to Broadway Partner



“Passport to Broadway reminded me who I was.  You say I’m in my head so much, thinking, but it’s not really that. I’m worrying about the next move blindly feeling my way while my own emotions lay right where I can grab them. I’ve decided that I’m going to work again to become that same free person because I now have friends who crave that intensity I can bring for them. They won’t beat me down for being different, and I’ll just say “so what?” to the people who want me to bend to them. Ever since the program ended, I’ve had this quiet determination and sense of purpose simmering right in my chest, ready to leap out any second. So thank you, for teaching me what you did and bringing me to this realization.”

Moira Sogor, Participant, Age 15, Shanghai Program 2018


“The 6 days-workshop is over and I am a new person. I wanted to do the workshop to improve my singing mainly, and was totally open and let myself be surprise how would I be as an actress or a dancer. I haven’t learn much about theatre before, and in the first half day of the program I was convinced that acting is what I need to be a better singer, to be able to interpret the song with passion, and just allowed my body to do the rest.  I knew it would be a very intense experience, but I couldn’t imagine that deep. Each day it was becoming more clear that we were doing real theatre not a fake movements on stage, following direction and expressions that you just need to copy. We needed to find out what really could trigger us to feel the emotion the scene required and react and interact with each other in a very authentic form. The director was giving so much energy to help us to get into the mood of the scene, and when you start to feel it, and it is coming also from the others around you, is just magical and full of emotion. I want to feel it again and again, I am so curious to find out more what is inside me. There are so many emotions to pop up in each scene and is so exciting to discover something new on each rehearsal and build up a very complex character, just like we are.

I loved the freedom to be ourselves, have the moves shown by the great choreographer and be able to just feel and do my own, the same with the music and act, I could always add my own interpretation. For me what made this days so valuable was to experience all these sensations, interact with the cast in the scene, get the energy from the Artistic and Music Director, who was playing the piano and also telling his story with his hands, amazingly managing to fully connect with us. BRAVO Seth, Amy and Gabi, just fascinating how the three of you do this. I feel very lucky that I was able to be part of this, thank you so much!”

-Renata Simaika, Participant, Age 40, Shanghai Program 2018


“As of day four, our students are starting to act as professional cast members and began to acknowledge the importance of constant rehearsals as the final day emerges. There are improvements on a daily basis, however, we want to see them grow even further during the upcoming rehearsals. 

It took us four days to reveal the constant pressures of this industry to the cast. They are with us nine hours a day and once they get home more rehearsing awaits them. Besides memorizing lines, staging or choreography it is endlessly emphasized to explore their characters to the deepest routes. Understanding a person helps to find meaning and purpose behind every sentence and movement-and this is exactly what our director leads us to. The program of Passport to Broadway is distinguished from the rest due to the professional experience it provides to its members. It is constantly encouraged to dig deeper within a character and we spend a great amount of time in revisiting scenes to apply this knowledge. 

As their first time working on this dance today, I could sense some nervousness in the room but the pace we move forward in does not allow any questioning on the students part. They have to prepare and then give it all they got so that we can move on to the next scenes tomorrow.” 

-Gabriella Zimanyi, Choreographer, Shanghai Summer 2018


“I am Darren Zhang’s father, one of the students from the Shanghai Passport to Broadway program. It was amazing to see the kids giving such an intense yet fun show in a week. Thank you very much! Let’s keep in touch, and hope to see you next year.”

-Jack Zhang, Parent, Shanghai Program 2018






“After coming back from NY, I truly felt there has been a big change in my life especially relating to the connection I have with my art and my heart.


The knowledge that I have received from the passport to broadway program has certainly given me a big positive impact in my singing performance; I now get into the character before singing the song, making strong choices and investing on it… I always put that in my mind before I sing so I could feel every soul the story from the songs that I sing.


I also recently nailed a leading role for a movie that will release early 2019, I am now actually on my way to Jogjakarta, Central of Java to shoot it. This movie would be my biggest movie project by far, it has a really beautiful story;


I always remember and put in mind what you have thought us and what you wrote in my evaluation motivates me, I am truly grateful and I want to learn more and explore more because I believe my passion is here.”

-Lala Karemela  Indonesia Passport to Broadway Program Summer 2018
















“These students have worked incredibly hard, and none of it was easy. They’ve shown amazing changes over ten days—not just as actors but as human beings. We’ve all grown and learned, and the messages won’t be forgotten.”

  • Musical Director – Seth Weinstein


“Wow! I am blown away with the performance! The kids did themselves proud! The commitment, the power, and the story came through loud and strong. What I love most was when the kids talked about their experiences at the question and answer time. They were able to articulate why they love being in the program and what they learned. When asked what they remember most, one of them said, “Don’t try! Just do it!”: one of Amy’s mantra for the students. Passport to Broadway not only gave authentic theater experience to the students but more importantly gave them the permission to open their hearts and express their feelings via musical theater. Thank you so much for bringing growth, joy and musical theater to our students! I can’t wait until the next time we do this again!”

  • Head of Visual and Performing Arts at AISG – Betty Lin


“Today, the students’ performance was magical. It was moving and made many audiences, including Amy, our director, herself, feel goosebumps. No doubt, these kids have put their heart and soul into their performance tonight. Everyone should be very proud of their progress and I feel very proud that I had the chance to work with these wonderful, talented students and watch them grow into better people and performers. Congratulations on a successful and magical show!!”

  • Student Assistant Director – Gloria Huang


“It was amazing. I just wish it doesn’t have to end, I wish I can stick with these amazing people that I terrorized in Trunchbull’s monologue. They who I held hands with like a family. These are the first bunch of people that I am not afraid to cry in front of, they are the first who I didn’t hide from when I bawled my eyes out, but instead, I cried with them unapologetically. This experience is life changing, I doubt that I will forget it, I can’t wait to see them again soon.”

  • AISG Student – Zoe Cheng





 “This has been the most wonderful experience of my life and I’ve loved every second of it. Passport to Broadway, thank you so much for this wonderful experience. Hopefully we’ll see each other soon. Have a safe trip back to NY :)!”

Ixchel Valiente, Guatemalan Student


Learning and improving in such a short amount of time is crazy but it’s all worth it… One step closer to the dream. The most amazing feeling in the world being under the spotlight is where I belong and the best thing is it’s only THE BEGINNING “

Oscar Munoz, Guatemalan Student


“I’m simply loving the whole Passport to Broadway experience, I know this effort is gonna be worth it. Such an amazing experience came to its end. Gonna miss it so much, this is just the beginning! Thanks to Passport to Broadway”

Leonel Guerra, Guatemalan Student


 “Thanks to the team of Passport to Broadway, it was an unforgettable experience!”

Sergio Diaz, Guatemalan Student


Passport to Broadway, Thank you for everything, for teaching us how hard and beautiful theater can be”

Alex Ixpanel, Guatemalan Student


“Passport to Broadway, thank for make me part of this wonderful experience. Thank you!!!!”

Marcos Rigalt, Guatemalan Student


“Thank you Amy. Your words are beautiful, they fill my heart and I know we are going to see you and your team soon. I feel blessed to meet and learn about you and your excellence to make your work. I send you a big hug.”

Pablo Garcia Cardona, Guatemalan Student


“Thank you for those words which are really beautiful, Passport To Broadway and your team changed my life and I’m really grateful! I can’t wait to see you and your team again”

Diego Barrera, Guatemalan Student


“With the little time we got to know you all had a great love, you are a remarkable team, miss you a lot. All the experience we gained in a week is something that we will practice in our careers. How I thank you for the opportunity you gave us. Hope to see you soon.”

Alex Garcia, Guatemalan Student

“It was an unbelievable experience. Actually, I have no words to describe it. I went to New York, first of all, to learn about the city and Broadway itself.  Adding to that, I wanted to have the opportunity to get in touch with the artists that work on Broadway.  By doing that, I saw that Broadway is not all about song, dance or acting; it is about doing everything together, every time.  It is about believing in your story, every second, and making it come true.  One thing that can summarize is that I went to Broadway to try to learn how to make magic happen and I came back to Brazil with the feeling that the “seed of magic” is inside me. I know now that it will grow and I hope I will be there (Broadway) someday.  The program is the opportunity to open your mind to something bigger than Broadway or Hollywood. It is a place where you can face the artist inside you and then let him/her shine.”
 -Marcelo Solda- Student- Brazil
“I appreciate all you have done for me so far.  I love you today and forever.  My heart and soul is given to all.”
Daouda Diarra – Brooklyn International High School Student – Senegal

“Thank you for being there for us.  If it wasn’t for you, we wouldn’t be who we are today.”
-Abdul Aziz -­ Brooklyn International High School Student – Bangladesh

“It’s my first time writing a e-mail in English. So I’m nervous. August 18th, I arrived at Korea with every teacher and my friends. That moment, I’m happy. But, I think of musical teacher. umh….;I’m not good at English. You know, I want to be Surgeon. So, I endeavor everyday. study..reading newspaper. and anymore. Our musical performance is still green is my memory. I want to see every teacher again. Thank you.
– Yeonghun Kim, Passport To Broadway Dream Camp Student